Atlas Shrugged

I was approached by an art consultant in Atlanta on behalf of a couple of attorneys who were a little obsessed with Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. They wanted original artwork to hang, exhibiting their interest in certain characters from the book. Both images brought their own challenges.

I conceived and designed logos for the two characters, including them in each of the drawings. One was in the form of a flag, a sort of coat of arms. The other was derived from implements of the steel industry - an anvil and calipers holding an iron spike. The company was the life-blood of the owner, so instead of drawing a the literal man, I made an ad for the company that was his life's work.

Both clients were pleased with the work. One of the clients decided to stop with the original drawing, and the other decided on an inked version of the concept, which suited the subject well.

“Throughout the project you constantly feel like you are in safe hands‌.‌”

- Cynthia S. | Client