Coke & Campaign

These are a sample of some of my Coca-Cola shirt designs. The Coke And... campaign was on the tails of the Coke Factory campaign for which I also designed shirts. The orignal artwork that inspired the line was a 3D animation by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. The two bottom center images I took of those shirts on mannequins in the World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, next to Centennial Olympic Park.


I once was a cultural ambassador for Coca-Cola. We taught the marketing teams from Coke about youth in the city, took them on tours and explained the younger culture to their teams. It was interesting for me to learn from them, as well.

A few years later I was approached by Coke through a company that contracted me to illustrate and design t-shirts for a several different demographics, corporate and consumer. They were one of several companies that have commissioned my art for shirts. They are included in the samples here.

“OMG, Rod cried when he saw your painting, and he never cries‌.‌”

- Scarlett H. | Client